Where Do Polar Bears Live?

polarbearcreditdaveolsensmall Where Do Polar Bears Live?They are cute, cuddly and absolutely vulnerable. Polar bears grab the admiration as well as recognition of people the world over for their fluffy white coats and huggable size. They gather honor from pet fans for their searching skill as well as survival techniques in one of the harshest atmospheres on Planet. But regardless of their overwhelming popularity these giants are in hazard of being wiped off Planet entirely.

The Bear Basics
Polar bears are a big species that make their homes on the frozen Arctic ocean. The bears will definitely waste the majority of their lives on the ice. Males may increase up to ten feet in duration as well as weigh in at over 1,400 pounds! The bears are carnivores, implying they eat the meat of more Arctic animals. At present there are actually estimated to be actually merely 20 to 50 thousands Arctic polar bears left in the wild. They are on the Endangered Species Listing.

When polar bears are actually on land they are more probably to come face-to-face by having a predator, individuals. Often people hunt polar bears as trophies and other people eradicate polar bears while defending themselves. People further influence polar bears when companies construct infrastructure in their natural environment, thereby changing it irrevocably.

Intervention in the form of government authorities to reduce mortal influence has actually been highlighted as a concern in America as well as more countries. In addition, private providers as well as interest groups proceed to lobby and function by having the government to defend this important animal in its natural environment. Apart from government interference, more analysis relating to international warming is essential so that the temperature adjustment can be actually put a stop to or countermanded. There are actually agencies that are actually raising hard earned cash for this remarkably purpose. An additional manner communities are assisting the polar bear is actually to use competent bear patrol agents to keep the land bound polar bears from folks and to make sure that the bears are not contending also really with the individuals for the food resources on land.

Expertise is actually power. Emerge as extra informed regarding this critical subject matter by visiting Polar Bears at World Wild Life.

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26 Responses to “Where Do Polar Bears Live?”

  1. ? Says:

    What are some causes of polar bear extinction?

  2. Carrie Says:

    Polar Bears are not extinct. They are listed as endangered. Scientists predict that if current warming trends continue wild Polars Bears may become extinct. They are considered one of the first animals to be majorly affected by global warming. The world has gone thru warming and cooling trends for thousands and thousands of years.

  3. John R Says:

    Polar bears aren’t extinct. They may become extinct, but until then you can’t really ask that question. Maybe you could re-phrase it?

  4. Johnka Says:

    Polar bears are not facing extinction despite the numerous films and comments. Their ice shelves are changing so they are having to swim or travel elsewhere for sustenance. The claimed reasons are global warming reducing fish supply and hence reducing the food for bears ie seals/ walrus. global warming making less ice and making it more difficult to trap the seals. Expansion of human settlements and the bears dependence on human detritus at the expense of seals leading to them being shot by man in fear of his own safety.

  5. R T Fischall Says:

    Do you agree with the experts that polar bear are only at risk, not extinction, even though the ice is melting http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/americas/7368484.stm Now excuse me folks but if they are losing the ice, its like losing part of their homes, causing them to have less area to feed etc. how can loss of habitat only put them at risk? Views please. gym: erm explain this wiseguy, how do 10,000 bears look after themselves in a smaller area? The homeless are in a different environment. you always get one don’t you, Naughty filla putta.

  6. filya puta oops 24 Says:

    Look i know i’ll get slated for this but here goe’s!…The asian comunity manage at least 60 to one terraced house no problem…They will have to learn to cope like the rest of us….

  7. bourgoise_10o Says:

    retort to your retort to gym the polar bears are not effected by space, it is the ability to feed that is being allegedly being removed and no the northern ice will not all be melted in a few years guy who said that above i believe it is a concern and that they may be being affected, but i also think it is being overhyped. it seems like it is the only actual negative impact so far to global warming, and its not even that solid of an argument. while i can clearly see temperatures are rising there have yet to be imo significant global impacts, and until we see one its going to be business as usual

  8. gym Says:

    er, well they stated clearly from the article why they said that , ” the panel found that Canada’s polar bear population was not declining enough to place it in the most serious category as an endangered species. Instead, it has been classified as a species of special concern.” just because you lose your home you dont die, look at the homeless…..

  9. dot&carryone. Says:

    Of course, it is under threat from extinction like everything else while the expansion of the human population is allowed to go unchecked.

  10. Ellis Says:

    Gym: Nobody shoots the homeless for seeking greener pastures….pretty obvious if the ice melts they will spend more time on land…and humans regard that as being theirs…

  11. BuBu loonie Says:

    What is the point of saving the POLAR BEARS? (I keep seeing that ad on TV asking for donations to save them). Polar bears kill other animals like seals: http://assets.panda.org/img/polarbear_eating_14560.jpg Polar bears are worthless and I hope Darwinism leads them to extinction, so why do these ppl pay good money for TV ads to try and save them?. Zotdirector – if they serve such an instrumental part in the balance of their ecosystem and nobody is hunting them in huge numbers, then WHY are they going extinct?…..sounds like Darwinism to me Annie – I don’t want to kill polar bears, I’m just saying that they are worthless and we shouldn’t help them (not that you’ll probly like that answer much better) You ppl are aware that sharks also eat seals right?…..polar bears aren’t their only predator…and like I said if they are naturally going extinct then screw them, let them go extinct Eric – you just HOPE not many ppl agree with me (otherwise show me the poll)…..and nobody is building roads and skyscrapers in the arctic, so I dunno what your idiot /ss is talking about that we are invading their habitat — loser

  12. pdevans1963@rogers.com Says:

    well thats pretty ignorant! without the polar bears to regulate the seal population the seals will eat all the fish and there will be no more left and that will wipe out all the coastal industries which will put a strain on the taxes whuich means you pay more

  13. zotdirector Says:

    It’s about balance ye who are so quick to make rash statements. If the polar bears don’t eat other animals like seals they’ll become overpopulated and eat all the fish which will die out, leading to the death of the seals because they have no food.

  14. annie *** Says:

    Well, we’re the reason they’re endangered. So maybe instead of thinking about ourselves, we could think about all the other things we’re killing ! Of course Polar Bears kill Seals. It’s the circle of life. If the Polar Bears were extinct, then the Seals would be over populated, then they would run out of food, and etc. That’s like saying, ‘Let’s go kill some Tigers! They’ve never done anything for us!’ Animals aren’t supposed to be our slaves. They aren’t all supposed to be our food or supply fur. But that’s what people seem to think. Don’t you think it’s wrong to kill an animal just because it’s not doing anything that you can benifit from? I personally think that’s selfish.

  15. Eric H Says:

    Fortunately, few people agree with you. Polar bears are endangered because their habitat is being destroyed. They are an essential part of a complete ecosystem – if they disappear, the entire ecosystem is at risk. Fortunately, some cells suitable for cloning are being preserved for a worst-case scenario, but we should still do everything we can to preserve the polar bears.

  16. Samantha B Says:

    Its alright. its not that interesting, where is the story going. i see no point right now, if this was on a book store shelf and i was to read this first part, i would put the book right back down and look at another book.

  17. Mike Y Says:

    I can’t tell from this. It’s just a rant. I don’t think you’re in the right mindset yet.

  18. LIVExINxLOVE Says:

    maybe you have a chance but it’s kind of a downer like, reading this was a bit depressing and annoying because you just go from complaining about one thing to another, and the story isn’t going anywhere…try writing about more pleasant or interesting things, not just venting about strangers

  19. Mimi Says:

    Haha, I was laughing all the way through that. I don’t know why you think your writing sucks, because it seems pretty good to me, but I get the same feeling when writing too, you’ve just gotta push past it, and the good thing about writing is that you can always edit out the parts that you hate after you’ve finished the novel. good luck, Mimsie.

  20. reignofcheese Says:

    It’s good – It’s well written (with a few grammar errors you need to catch). Your writing shows some intensity and you seem to care about what you are writing. But nothing, as of yet has happened. Since the story is just beginning, you do have time to still make something happen, so it’s not worth judging this yet (which also means there isn’t enough to tell you anything terribly useful) All this griping is not necessarily a bad thing like some seem to think (how boring would it be if all stories were ‘everything is wonderful happy time’?) but to make it worth reading it must lead somewhere – the incidents on the street and the characters view of what is around here should be important somehow to the story as it progresses. In short: It has potential so keep going with it.

  21. Nadia S Says:

    what cause have led to the polar bear ? This is a hard question about the polar bear plz help me out my question is what causes have led to the polar bear extinction or becoming an endangered species? plz help me out i need help

  22. ???si? ?ui? Says:

    Habitat loss, toxic chemicals, oil exploration, and hunting. “The key threats to polar bears are: * The area covered by arctic sea ice is melting at an unprecedented rate. Polar bears need sea ice to access their food, and to move from hunting grounds to their denning or summer resting areas. * Toxic chemicals transported to the Arctic from the south have long-term effects on polar bear health and longevity. * Oil exploration in the Arctic affects polar bears by fragmenting and disturbing their habitat, and by introducing oil and other toxic substances to their environment. * Although much of the traditional harvesting in local communities is sustainable, the main threat to polar bears in some areas is still over-hunting.” The source (the WWF) has more details on each. The links are on the left side of the page.

  23. Omar L Says:

    Changing habitat, poaching,

  24. Yum yum (: Says:

    WHAT WILL YOU DO TO HELP THE POLAR BEARS ? SAVE A POLAR BEARS LIFE. Polar Bear is considered a potentially threatened species. That means it would be very easy for the species to become endangered. There are currently between 22,000 and 27,000 Polar Bears in the world. What have Polar bears done to us ? The Least we can do is Cut out littering from our evryday lifes, walk a little bit and quit polluting our oceans and Great waters. Without dramatic cutbacks in global warming pollution, Alaska’s polar bears could face extinction by 2050. YOU COULD CHANGE THAT ! If you Would Like to Help, Check out this website and Send in A Donation Today. You Could be saving a life. http://www.nrdconline.org/campaign/Grant_the_Polar_Bear_Full_Protection Dont Hesitate to Help. Tell Your Freinds. Do what you can before its too Late ! PLEASE HELP TO SAVE THE POLAR BEARS ! AND REMEMBER ; REDUCE , RE-USE, RECYLCE !

  25. shybabe1986 Says:

    I will try to make their deaths quick and painless.. :)

  26. sam =) Says:

    im gonna spend oll my momey on air conditioners and put them all in the artic!

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